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This is what I did along time ago. This picture was taken in May, 1979 off the east cetral coast of Sardinia. The aircfraft is 74-1650 from the 526 TFS, Ramstein AB. We were on sardinai doing Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentaton (ACMI) Range calibration missions. When we weren't need for ACMI calibration, we would go fly low levels or maybe 1 v 1. We are at about 500 feet over the ocean at a speed og 420 knots. The cave in the background was not planned. The photo was taken with a Nikon F2AS with a 200mm telephoto lens.

Data on items mentioned in "Its Logistics". 17 Sep 20: 0343Z

Baltic Dry Index 1281

Harpex 678

CASS Freight Index 1.02

Shanghai Gold Price 1950.39

London Gold Fixing 1957.09

Bond Index 528.33

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